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  About Graincare
  The Development of Graincare
  How Graincare works for you
  The Principles of Graincare
  The Scope of Graincare
  The Elements of Graincare
  The Development of Graincare
  The GCA consulted widely with industry stakeholders throughout the development of the Graincare program.  Following a series of national workshops and consultation around Australia in late 1999 and early 2000, a Drafting Group which comprised of grower representatives, marketers, grain end-users, bulk handling companies, other quality assurance programs and government met in mid-March 2000 and finalised Graincare.


  How Graincare works for you
  Graincare recognises that growers already have a very good record of producing safe grain and aims to be flexible in not telling growers how they should manage food and feed safety risks. The program leaves on-farm management decisions to growers, as they are experienced in grain production and able to seek specialist advice to manage a food or feed safety risk if this is required.  Rather than telling growers what to do, Graincare provides growers with a simple and effective mechanism for satisfying customer requirements for food and feed safety quality assurance. 


  “Graincare doesn’t tell you how to farm, it tells everyone else HOW WELL you farm.”


  The Principles of Graincare
  Graincare was developed growers in partnership with the wider grains industry, balancing the need for grower ownership and control of Graincare with the need to ensure that Graincare meets the requirements of other industry stakeholders, particularly end-users.
  The principles of Graincare include:
  • Graincare emphasises grower responsibility and accountability for taking practical and reasonable steps to minimise on-farm food safety risks.
  • Graincare is voluntary to adopt, cost effective to implement and flexible in meeting the needs and objectives of growers implementing the system.
  • Graincare recognises existing quality mechanisms, including other on-farm quality assurance programs and, where possible, these are utilised, providing a simple and practical approach to on-farm quality assurance.
  • Graincare is a ‘living system’ that is responsive to the changing needs of growers and the market.
  • Graincare is developed with the aim of achieving, in cooperation with related primary industry sectors, a modular on-farm quality assurance system appropriate for mixed farm enterprises.
  The Scope of Graincare
  Graincare is based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles. HACCP is the internationally recognised method of managing food safety risks and is therefore a critical component of any food safety plan. Graincare is structured so that, throughout the production process, growers are asked:
  • to identify where a hazard has arisen that could compromise the food or feed safety of the grain that they are producing;
  • identify the most appropriate point in the production process for implementing a control measure for this hazard so that, at the end of the production process, the grain is safe to sell; and
  • record when a food or feed safety hazard has arisen, any control measures implemented and the outcome of the control measures implemented.
  For the majority of grain markets, Graincare, in focusing on food and feed safety, satisfies their quality assurance requirements.  However, some grain end-users have indicated that they have additional quality assurance requirements that are unrelated to food safety and optional Graincare elements will be developed to meet these requirements.


  The Elements of Graincare
  The Graincare Code of Practice sets out the requirements to achieve accreditation under the program. It consists of 13 elements that establish a minimum quality standard for grain production.

The Elements of Graincare include:

·        Paddock selection and preparation

·        Persistent chemicals in soil

·        Obtaining and storing chemicals

·        Quality records

·        Harvesting and harvest equipment

·        Internal auditing & corrective action

·        Paddock, crop and grain treatment

·        Crop management

·        Document control

·        Inputs and service suppliers

·        On-farm storage and handling

·        Training

·        Off-farm transport


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