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Other on-farm Quality Assurance (QA) Programs


In developing Graincare , the Grains Council of Australia (GCA) has been very conscious of the fact that the majority of grain growers are mixed farmers who do not want to have to introduce a number of quality assurance (QA) programs on their property that have conflicting requirements and require multiple audits.

To overcome this problem the GCA has adopted a modular approach to on-farm QA appropriate for mixed farm enterprises.  Different modules can be adopted according to the different commodities being produced on an individual property.  The GCA continues to work with the CATTLECARE and Flockcare QA programs to achieve complementarity between these programs and Graincare .

The CATTLECARE and Flockcare programs consist of the same three modules: Management, Chemicals and Livestock.  As the requirements contained in the Management and Chemicals Modules are largely applicable to all farm enterprises, after some amendments, Graincare utilises these two modules and adds a Grain Module to complete the Graincare program. The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme and ‘Freshcare’, a quality assurance program for fresh fruit and vegetables, also form part of this modular system.


Overall, Graincare consists of three modules:

  1.      Management - same as CATTLECARE and Flockcare;

  2.      Chemicals - same as CATTLECARE and Flockcare; and

  3.      Grain


As an example of how this modular system will work, if a producer wishes to become accredited, for example, to both Graincare and CATTLECARE, then he or she would implement four modules: Management, Chemicals, Grain and Livestock.

  Additional customer requirements not related to food and feed safety will be optional elements that are not included in the accreditation requirements for Graincare .  

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