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Steps to Graincare Accreditation 

  1. Obtain a current copy of the Graincare Manual by contacting Graincare Ltd.
  2. Implement Management practices as outlined in the Graincare Manual. Graincare training courses provide additional background to implementing Graincare on-farm and are provided by a number if trainers throughout Australia. A list of approved trainers is available by contacting Graincare Ltd. or by visiting Accredited Trainers.
  3. Ensure records maintained are in accordance with the elements listed within the Code of Practice included with your Graincare Manual.
  4. Should you use chemicals on your property, the person responsible for the supervision of such use needs to hold a current Chemical Users Certificate. Courses are held by both TAFE and private trainers in all states.
  5. When you feel you are ready to be audited (a check-list is included in your Graincare Manual to assist in this process), contact a Graincare auditor to arrange a date suitable for the Accreditation Audit. A list of approved auditors is available by contacting Graincare Ltd. or by visiting Accredited Auditors.
  6. Following a successful Accreditation Audit, your property is granted accreditation for a period of 6 months. At the end of this time, a Surveillance Audit is conducted. Following a successful Surveillance Audit, accreditation is granted on an annual basis thereafter.

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