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The Benefits of Graincare

  Development of growers’ farm business management skills in the area of food and feed safety.

Graincare focuses on Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), which includes practices such as cleaning storage facilities before filling them with grain, applying chemicals at applicable rates or ensuring that spray contractors are competent to perform the task asked of them.   These practices minimise and manage most of the food and feed safety risks that arise on-farm.  Where a grower is not yet using GAP, adopting Graincare will provide benefits in terms of improved on-farm management practices.  Where growers are already implementing GAP, implementation costs will be low, as few changes will be required to meet the requirements of Graincare. For most growers, existing records will cover the majority of the recording requirements of the Graincare program.

  Graincare will maximise growers’ marketing opportunities in terms of market access, price, or both.

When a grower or marketer is marketing quality assured grain to a customer they are marketing confidence – confidence that a customer is purchasing grain that is reliably and consistently safe. This is an important dimension of grain marketing because customers want to be confident that the grain they purchase meets their requirements.  This assists them in maintaining their own competitiveness and minimising the risks to their production process of a food or feed safety incident. Growers who can give customers this confidence will become preferred suppliers who have better access to markets and may be able to achieve a better price than their competitors.  In some circumstances, growers may not be able to access markets if they are not quality assured.

  Graincare will assist growers in understanding and satisfying the requirements of their customers.

The specific requirements of Graincare have been developed by grower representatives, marketers, end-users, bulk handling companies, other quality assurance programs and government. Graincare will be reviewed regularly in order to ensure that the program remains relevant to the changing needs of producers and the market.

  Graincare will assist in minimising government regulation of on-farm food safety in the grains industry.

Currently, Commonwealth and State Governments are prepared to give primary industries the opportunity to implement their own industry-based food safety mechanisms, rather than having to comply with regulatory-based mechanisms.  If growers are able to demonstrate that they are producing safe food through industry-based programs, then governments will not establish regulations that merely duplicate these programs.


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