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  Graincare +
  Graincare + incorporates a full Codex HACCP module.

In the development of Graincare, the potential hazards common across all grain enterprises were identified and the requirements for control measures and monitoring activities described. The basic Graincare program is a food and feed safety assurance program, based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles and independently audited, but it does not include HACCP plans at the farm level.

Grain growers who have a requirement for a HACCP  plan in their quality assurance system now have the opportunity to add a module to their current Graincare accreditation.

The new module incorporates a full Codex HACCP element.  The basic Graincare program with the additional HACCP module is called Graincare +. 

If you are already accredited with Graincare you can ‘add on’ the HACCP module. The development and implementation of a HACCP plan for your enterprise is carried out with an accredited HACCP practitioner, so there will be some additional costs involved.  However, this will be kept to a minimum to provide a low cost, but effective food and feed safety program. 

The result is we have a quality assurance system with Graincare and now Graincare + that will provide buyers and processors with the confidence that the grain they are purchasing is of a high standard.

For further information on Graincare + please contact your local Graincare Auditor or Trainer or Graincare directly.


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